Grammar is a concern that should be addressed in every classroom, regardless of whether the content area is English, History, Math, or Science. Grammatical written communication is necessary in order to evidence subject matter mastery.  With                                  , teachers and students in every classroom can address grammatical errors. However, it's not just a grammar tool, it's a writing tool. Teachers create and differentiate their own writing assignments according to the needs of their students. Real-time feedback on grammatical errors allows teachers to focus on grading for content while students still benefit from personalized instruction for spelling and sentence construction. Errors are tracked according to Common Core State Standards for English Language. Data tracking allows teachers to evaluate student progress and design targeted remediation.                                    is not a nice-to-have tool. It is an essential tool to help students become better writers. Visit us at
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Professional Development 
We can help your organization get the most benefit from our software. We train on data analysis, best teaching practices, and curriculum development integrating the software.